At the hotel…

I booked a room two weeks ago.
I need a single room for three nights.
Have you got a single room for tonight ?
We’d like to stay in a double room.
Do you have a room with a view ?
I need the room from November the first to November the third.
Is breakfast included ?
How much is the room per day ?
On which floor is my room ?
When do you serve breakfast ?
I’d like to eat breakfast in my room.
What time does the restaurant/the bar open ?
Could you give me a call at seven thirty tomorrow morning, please ?
I’d like to stay another day.
What is check-out time ?
I’d like to check out now.
Can I have the bill, please ?
I’d like to pay in cash/by credit card.
Please give me a receipt.
I need a taxi to the airport.

# # #